9021-0h my God I should’ve done more…

18 Aug

Thinking back now I should’ve done something, but of course hindsight is always 20-20. There were plenty of signs I should’ve seen, but even when there was no doubt in my mind what was going on I sat back and did nothing.

When he took Kelly to Mexico I was naïve to believe it was just a romantic getaway for two long-lost lovers. I should’ve seen it for what it truly was, a chance for Dylan to score more black tar.

They say heroin is one of the toughest addictions to break, right up there with giving up your Facebook account. The physical toll heroin withdrawal takes on one’s body is no joke. This was a far more serious problem then when Brandon got addicted to gambling back in season three. This was season nine and the stakes had been raised to life-threatening levels.

When it was finally crystal clear what was really going on, that Dylan McKay had become a full-fledged heroin addict, I still did nothing but sit back in my recliner and watch; waiting for the next glass slipper to drop.

I should’ve driven to Dylan’s home in the 90210 area code and attempted to help Gina Kincade— Donna Martin’s cousin, the professional figure skater— get the monkey off of his back. Lord knows Gina was the only one who tried.

Even when Dylan was so high at the party that he knocked Donna into the pool, causing her to strike her head on the concrete side as she feel, I didn’t say a thing. I guess you could say I was an enabler. Luckily Donna only suffered a slight concussion and a handful of stitches, but I can’t help feel like I could’ve prevented the whole thing from ever happening.

I know its only natural to place some of the blame on my shoulders, when in reality I wasn’t the only one that saw the writing on the wall. Steve Sanders, David Silver, Noah Hunter, Janet Sosna and Matt Lanter… they were all there too. We all had Donna’s blood on our hands. Not even Kelly Taylor or Donna, for that matter, was innocent in this situation.

But still, they all had their own lives to worry about. Steve was busy marketing his line of videos on how to pick up women; Noah had the (Peach Pit) After Dark to worry about; Matt his law practice; David had his music career and Kelly and Donna were busy at the boutique.

This onset of guilt over doing nothing about Dylan’s addiction came a few years back while reading a news article on-line about Carl Raymond Cheney, an Oregon man who drove down to California to help out one of his favorite soap opera characters.

While I sat on my couch watching as one of the most beloved television characters of all time, Dylan-fucking-McKay, struggled with an addiction that could’ve cost him his life, Cheney took action.

Cheney’s favorite character, John Black, of Days of Our Lives, was dealing with something much darker than drug addiction. In fact, some might argue that Black struggled with the darkest of problems… he was possessed by the devil. But that still didn’t stop Cheney from leaping into action.

After watching an episode of the show in which Black becomes possessed, Cheney left his Oregon home and drove straight to the home of Drake Hogestyn, the character who plays Black on the show, to perform an exorcism.

Once Cheney arrived at his destination he sprinted into Hogestyn’s back yard clutching a bible and yelling, “Where is he? I will cast him out!” The actor, who was in the back yard doing work on his home, grabbed Cheney by the hair, spun him around, and then knocked him to the ground with a right hook. Hogestyn and his son then tied up Cheney with duct tape until the police arrived.

It doesn’t matter that some people claim Cheney had no experience in performing exorcisms, which he didn’t; or that Black was simply a fictional character who didn’t even need an exorcism, which he was. There was even talk that Cheney was mentally insane, but I recognize him for what he really was- a true fan.


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