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Copy writing for HP:

Setting up a wireless router

Learn about print apps

Get a new laserjet printer

Scan business cards with a mobile scanner


It’s The ShoesPortland Mercury

Classic Air Jordan Sneakers Aren’t Just a Fashion Statement, They’re an Obsession. Just Ask the Guys Who Will Do Anything to Get Them.

Welcome to the BunnyRanchThe LowDown Magazine

A visit with Dennis Hof, a Nevada businessman trafficking in the world’s oldest profession- prostitution.

A Day in the Life of an Army RecruiterThe LowDown Magazine

With their numbers of enlistees falling, soldiers-turned-salesmen in Reno, NV, work the phones and pound the pavement.

The dark side of recyclingPortland Tribune

Metal thieves’ mantra: Remove. Resell. Repeat.

Portland spirit spawns indie label outerwearPortland Tribune

Clothing maker snubs ‘snow clown’ look for something simpler.

TOPOFF: Learning experience or show? — Portland Tribune


Lucky No. 13 — Sierra Sun/Tahoe Daily Tribune

Truckee woman makes the top of Everest, fulfills lifelong dream.

Busted… againSierra Sun

Catching up with a jailhouse runner.

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