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Confession: I hate your blog

18 Nov

I hate blogs, including this one. There, I said it. I can admit it, blogs suck, they are evil creatures. Without blogs, it’s fair to say the world would be a much better place.

I remember when I first heard about blogs, I thought they would be a great idea. But like most things, they are only enjoyable when experienced in moderation. Nowadays everyone has a blog. Most likely even your Mom has a blog.

There are blogs about food, music, movies, bikes, stuff white people like, pop-culture, design, politics… Then there are blogs that deal with all of the above and more. There are even blogs about blogs. It’s too much, there are too many, the Internet is too flooded with them. I’ve even seen blogs about religion. If the post I read was true, and there is a God… Please help, please eliminate all of the blogs in the world, including this one. Thanks God.

Sarah Palin’s fame is even credited to a blog. Before some small political blog raved about her, she was widely unknown; man I miss those days. But now, thanks to some stupid blog, her face and annoying smug little smile is everywhere for everyone to see. And what do we know about the blogger who first praised this woman? Well of course we know he’s an idiot, because after all, he praised Sarah Palin… But besides that, we don’t know anything about him. Why does his opinion even matter? For all we know he could worship Captain Kirk, his diet could consist solely of Cheetos and Reb Bull and he could be planning to marry his sister when he grows up.

That’s my point; blogs would maybe be useful or entertaining if they were used by important people to say intelligent or funny things. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Who determines who is intelligent or funny enough to get a blog?” I don’t know the answer to that question, me maybe? But I know this; someone has to do something. They used to do this back in the good old-fashioned days when people still read newspapers. The people who made these decisions were called editors and the people they chose to push their views, humor and or opinions onto you were called columnists, and it was awesome.

Now, as I’ve said before, columnists are dead, and the only thing that’s left in their place are bloggers and tweeters (is tweeter what you call a person who uses Twitter?). If you have a blog, most likely I’ve read it to kill time at work, and most likely I think less of you for having it; just like my self-esteem goes down several points every time I click the publish button on this blog.

At times I wish I lived in China where they restricted things like Facebook, people’s blogs and other information. It must be nice to not be so overwhelmed with all this bullshit. I understand that you might think I’m crazy for feeling this way and I might have offended you, but I don’t really care. What are you going to do, blog about it?

No bloggers where injured in this blog post.


My first confession, I miss newspapers.

16 Jan

It was just over five years ago, but it seems like a lifetime ago that I took the job as the sports and outdoors writer and editor for the Sierra Sun, a bi-weekly newspaper in Truckee, California.

To this day I’m confident I’m the only sports writer in the world that had to ask spectators at soccer, tennis, and volleyball games and or matches for a brief rundown of the rules. I knew the basics of each sport I was required to write about, or at least I knew what each game was called, but I didn’t know how points were scored in one sport, or what constituted being off-sides in another. And I for damn sure didn’t know the names of the different types of offenses and defenses most sports journalists know like the back of their hand.

You’re probably wondering how I got the job then… The answer is simple. It was a mountain town, so I was probably the only person with a journalism degree in the area that was willing to work for $10 an hour.

In addition to being paid such a luxurious wage in one of the most expensive parts of the country I was also allowed to write a bi-weekly column called ‘Keeping Score,’ although I quickly changed the name of the column to ‘Go Big or Go Home.’ Although it was in the sports section, oddly enough my columns rarely had anything to do with sports. My columns were often rants about random things I’d observed throughout the week or simply about things I wanted to make fun of.

Although I quickly realized being a sports writer was not for me, my column was to this day one of my favorite things to write. Not only do I miss writing a column, I miss reading columns in newspapers. It seems like with the slow, but inevitable, death of print journalism, the first ones to go are the columnists; who are in some people’s eyes, easily replaced by bloggers.

I’m seeing this trend more and more. Columnists are moved on-line, then let go and newspaper publishers think no one will miss them with the addition of five mediocre bloggers who are put their place. But now it seems bloggers aren’t even safe. Blogs aren’t even fast enough anymore for our A.D.D society, we need to know what these people are doing when they’re not blogging.

Talking with a friend recently, he tried to convince me to set up a Twitter site, saying it is a great way to network. I begrudgingly did, and updated my account here and there for a few days, but I hated every minute of it. If Twitter is an example of the “New Media,’ I want nothing to do with it.

While watching the introductory video to Twitter, the voice explaining why the site is valuable, said, “You may be an avid blogger, but sometimes your friends want to know what you did between blog posts and emails. Maybe you mowed the lawn, or… and your friends want to know about that too!”

If you are one of my friends, let me tell you, as a friend, that I do not, and will not ever, care about all of the things you do in a day. When I ask, “How was your day,” I’m being polite, and I hope you’ll do the same by saying, “It was good.” I do not want to know every last detail of your life from the time you woke up until the time you went to sleep. And I do not need text messages sent to my phone telling me when you’ve added another post, because I know when your status says, “Hunk256 is enjoying a beautiful sunset,” you’re not really enjoying a beautiful sunset. You’re sitting there typing into your laptop or phone, that’s what you’re doing. Your status updates should always say, “Hunk256 is typing again.” If you were mowing the grass and realized a life lesson that you could put into more than a paragraph, I might want to read it, but don’t you dare post, “OMG, I hate mowing! LOL.” And while we’re on the topic, chances are, if you ever type: OMG, OMFG or LOL, I probably hate you or I am at least deeply disappointed in you.

I miss words, or rather; I miss when people actually used words to convey an important, fun, or inspiring message. Twitter makes me miss blogs and blogs make me long to hold a newspaper in my hand and read a column. As I stated in my “Purpose,” we are heading down a dangerous path. Technology is moving quicker than ever before and to fight it would be pointless, but at the same time we don’t have to embrace it.

There is a middle ground… I’m taking a piece of modern technology, a blog, and using it to start writing a weekly column again. I hope you like it, but if you don’t, I really don’t care! You’re probably one of the assholes I’m ranting about. OMG JK LOL!